Our aim is to bring about growth within students’ hearts. We strive to foster good choices, prevent bad choices, and help students learn to make better choices as a result of the natural consequences that come from the decisions they make. We want students to develop their character by being internally motivated to do what is right. It is our hope that their thoughts, words, and deeds will glorify God and become shining examples to others of how Christ can work through the lives of believing Christians.

Crestview has an exciting program that gives students the tools they need to discipline themselves for a lifetime. There are two goals for this program:

1. To make each classroom a place where all students can learn by not allowing the choices of one or a few students to affect the entire class.

2. To foster an environment that allows students to make the kind of choices that will help them grow to their fullest God-give potential.

The essence of the program is that teachers, administration, and parents, working together, help each student to reach his/her potential by making good choices. WE are the supporting team and each student is our “star player.”

Our discipline program empowers students by teaching them that they indeed have the control over what happens to them through choices and decisions that they make.

The program is not based on either punishment or elaborate rewards systems but on choices and natural consequences.

The supporting framework for developing Crestview’s discipline program is based on the principles of two proven systems (Love and Logic by Jim Fay/Foster Cline and Solutions by Randy Sprick). Our staff has been trained in both of these systems to guide them in fostering an environment that focuses on accountability and student growth.

Finally, the program involves parents early on and works with the parents to help the student grow and overcome his/her challenges. We have enjoyed working with many parents to help our students make successful choices, and have celebrated many successes!

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