Fact Sheet


Crestview Academy

1519 Peterson Avenue

Eau Claire, WI 54703

PHONE NUMBER: (715) 835-2275

WEB SITE: www.crestviewacademy.com

STARTING DATE: Tuesday following Labor Day

SCHOOL CALENDAR: Will approximately follow the Eau Claire School District. Calendar is available upon request or can be found in our website.

SCHOOL HOURS: Current school hours are 8:15 a.m. - 3:15 p.m. Parents will be notified if any changes occur prior to school starting.

CLASS SIZE: Approximately 22 students per grade

TUITION: contact school office

MATERIALS FEE: $250 per year per student

SCHOLARSHIP INFORMATION: Partial scholarships will be made available for families who are unable to pay the full tuition amount. Scholarships will be based on financial need and amount of funds available. Scholarship information is available upon request.

TRANSPORTATION INFORMATION:Busing may be available to and from Crestview Academy for Eau Claire area students through Eau Claire Student Transit. Parents can contact Student Transit to determine if busing is an option for them. Student Transit determines routes near the second week in August. To get information regarding approximate pick up and return times, general bus route information, and bus rules contact Student Transit at 839-5116.

DRESS CODE: Crestview Academy maintains uniform dress guidelines. More information will be shared at the parent meetings. A complete listing of uniform items can be found on our website.

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