What We Believe About Academics

We believe:

  • That all children will reach their potential through academic excellence rooted in traditional values.
  • That academic excellence is achieved through a solid knowledge base of information worth knowing. Ours is a highly values-centered, traditional curriculum, which stresses basic skills and critical thought. Teachers rely heavily on primary sources (classic works of fiction, poetry, biographies, and historical documents) rather than on standard school textbooks.
  • That every child can learn when the instruction is appropriate, and that failure of a child to learn is a failure of the instruction, not the child. We embrace teacher-directed instruction where teachers spend their time actively teaching, rather than facilitating learning.
  • That children learn best when they are actively engaged in the learning process, not passive listeners. Our teaching techniques assure that every child is an active participant throughout each lesson, not just when it's his or her turn. The result is a high-energy classroom in which learning is vigorous, active, and constant.
  • That strong character is essential in academic excellence. We promote the building of character in students through emphasizing traditional virtues and values and high standards of conduct. We offer instruction based upon traditional, non-denominational Christian beliefs, and values and virtues that seek to develop in students those qualities of life characteristic of man's understanding of his relationship to his Creator and his place in the universe.
  • That schools should be allies of the family, reinforcing rather than undermining parents' efforts to guide the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development of their children.

We think that each parent has a right to expect direct and regular communication from faculty regarding his/her child that is specific to the child's academic and character development.

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