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The Crestview Parent Group is just that, a group of parents working together.  Our three main goals are to foster and build community among Crestview families, to serve the staff and students, and to support and partner with school administration.

Our Parent Group is much different than a traditional PTO, we do not have monthly meetings or elected officials, it runs completed by parents who have willingly stepped up to volunteer and work together.  Here are some of the things our Parent Group does to make Crestview a better place:

              • Organize our school’s annual Jammin' Jog Fundraiser.
              • Coordinate an annual talent show for the students!     
              • Coordinate an outstanding end of the year carnival for students and their families! 
              • Plan, raise money, and implement a new playground!
              • Collect Box Tops for funds that go back into programs for the school!
              • Organize used uniforms for families to purchase at below garage sale prices!
              • Coordinate amazing monthly treats to show appreciation for our amazing teachers!
              • Organize lunches for our teachers during parent/teacher conferences!
              • Coordinate a ski outing for our students and families!
              • Keep of teacher’s lounge clean and well-stocked!
              • Create a monthly newsletter to keep families informed!
              • Here are some things we are working on for the future:
              • Culver’s Night – a time for fellowship and fundraising!
              • Fairfax Pool Night – a time for fellowship and fun!!
              • Girls on the Run – we applied and are prayerfully waiting to be accepted as a site!

If you would like to get connected, join our Facebook group Crestview Parent Group/




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