• How many grades do we have?

    We have nine grades, kindergarten through eighth grade.

  • What is your typical class size?

    Our class sizes are approximately 22 students.

  • What is the tuition amount per year?

    Please contact the Crestview office for the current tuition amount.

  • Are scholarships available for those who cannot afford the entire amount?

    Financial assistance is available and is based on need. For information on how to apply, contact our school.

  • How is Crestview Academy funded?

    Crestview Academy is funded through a variety of sources.

  • Is the school non-denominational?

    Yes, we have a non-denominational Christian school. We teach using a Christian worldview and use the bible as the basis for truth. For more information, please see our Christian Principles section of the website.

  • Where do graduating students attend high school?

    Our students go on to attend most of the area’s high schools, public and private. Other families choose to home school. Families base their decision on their interests and priorities for education.

  • When is kindergarten screening?

    We do our kindergarten screening usually around the first week in April. The application process begins in early January of each year.

  • What type of curriculum does Crestview have?

    We use a combination of curriculums to meet our needs. Reading is taught with a phonics-based curriculum called Direct Instruction (D.I.). A Direct Instruction curriculum is also used to teach the skills of math, spelling, and language (writing). These skills are taught systematically and directly. The Core Knowledge Curriculum is the basis for our history and geography, science, literature, music, and art courses. This is a classical, traditional curriculum that emphasizes the great statesmen, scientists, writers, composers, and artists in history. Our curriculum for Phy. Ed. and Christian Principles was developed by Crestview. For more information on our curriculum, please view the Curriculum section of our website.

  • Can I come to the school for a tour?

    Yes! We welcome the opportunity to show you our school and the fantastic students and staff that make it unique. Simply contact us and ask for an appointment for a tour.

  • Do you do placement tests for students? If so, what is tested?

    Yes, we test students in the skill areas of math, reading, language, and spelling to determine the best level for the student when s/he enters school. Since students are placed in groups according to their skill level, it is important that we have this information prior to when they begin.

  • What is your school calendar like?

    In general, our calendar year starts after Labor Day and concludes the Friday prior to Memorial Day. Our breaks are similar to the Eau Claire Public School District, but we do not follow their schedule exactly. For example, we still have a full week spring break even though the public schools do not. Click here to see our entire school calendar.

  • What about busing and transportation?

    If you are in the Eau Claire, Altoona or Fall Creek districts, busing may be an option for you. To find out for sure, simply contact the appropriate bus company for information. If you are unsure of whom to contact, please call our office and we will assist you with getting the phone number. Crestview has no control over busing; it is the individual school districts in the surrounding communities that determine busing availability. Many of our families choose to drive their children to and from school, and many families are part of carpools. Our office staff can help to connect you with people in your area that may be interested in carpooling. Just ask for help!

  • Does your school have uniforms?

    Our school has uniform dress guidelines for all students and staff. For a complete explanation of the reason for these guidelines, as well as a copy of the guidelines themselves, please go to the uniform section of our website. < href="/portals/0/AboutUs/Uniforms.aspx">Click here for more information.

  • What are the start and end times of your school day?

    Our day begins at 8:20 a.m., and students are dismissed at 3:15 p.m. Students can be dropped off starting at 8:00 a.m. and parent pick up at the end of the day starts at approximately 3:20. For a detailed schedule of classes during the day, please contact us and request a copy.

  • Does your school provide hot lunch?

    Crestview does not provide a lunch or breakfast program for our students. Students bring bag lunches from home. We have milk available for students to purchase at a cost of 40 cents per carton. In order that parents know what their children are eating, we do not allow students to share lunch items with each other. In addition, items not eaten are kept in the lunch bag and sent home.

  • Do you have recess or breaks?

    We have a morning break at 9:55 – 10:10. Students in kindergarten through third grade have an outdoor recess and grades 4-5 have an indoor recess. Grades 6-8 have a short break at 9:55 as well. All students have a recess after lunch, and the younger students are sometimes given a recess break in the afternoon.

  • Are there opportunities for parents to become involved?

    At Crestview, we believe it is best to give our teaching staff the sole responsibility of instructional time. However, there are many opportunities for parents to volunteer at our school. Just a few examples of volunteer activities include: library helper, room helper, arranging and assisting with classroom parties, preparing materials for teachers, and lunchroom helpers. We also have a Parent Group that coordinates activities at the school for our students. They are always looking for active members!

  • Do you have a Parent Group?

    Yes! We have some of the finest parents anywhere! Our parent group sponsors activities such as a Talent Show, family outings, and an end-of-the-year carnival. They are also active in organizing teacher appreciation activities, prayer groups, and sponsor band and choir activities and concerts.

  • Do you have extra-curricular activities?

    Our Parent Group sponsors the band and choir activities. In addition, in the past, some parents have organized athletic teams through the local recreation department and the YMCA.

  • Does your school use computers? Do students have access to the Internet?

    At Crestview, computers are used as a tool to accomplish a task; they are not used to teach subjects or for games. We offer a keyboarding class in sixth grade that teaches basic keyboarding and word processing. Students in the middle school use the computer for research for various projects that require typed copy. The Internet is something that is used for research. Our computers have all been equipped with Internet filtering software and students are closely supervised to make sure that they are not exposed to sites that may have offensive material. However, since no system is fail-safe, we allow parents the option of having their child find information from other sources instead of using the Internet.

  • How do you find your teachers?

    Our staff members are carefully screened and chosen to be the best possible teachers and mentors. We look for teachers that embrace our mission and have a heart to reach students. They are then trained in our curriculum methods and materials and given continued professional development throughout their career here.

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