Finances & Fundraising at Crestview Academy

Finances for Crestview have always come through a combination of private support, tuition/fees and fundraising (public support). Our long-term goal is to have a balance of 50 percent coming from each private and public support. In order to achieve this goal we need to include a combination of fundraising activities/events, annual drives, and grants from outside sources. It is our desire to keep the tuition and fees at their present levels with only small, incremental increases to keep up with inflation.

Annual Fundraisers

SCRIP Forms  ~ Click HERE to print form for SCRIP cards to Special Order in Blue Folder
      ~ Click HERE to print form for SCRIP to purchase at the School Window (please do not send in Blue Folder) 

Lion Card - available to sell July to December.

Crestview Academy's Jammin' Jog: 5K Family Fun Run/Walk at Tower Ridge



Your donation will help us continue to offer this unique educational opportunity to all students, regardless of income.

-Thank you-

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